Marriage Preparation

STABILIZE’s Marriage Preparation Prepare/Enrich course is composed of individualized inventories and 12 weeks of tailored sessions that are based on the couple’s unique background and relationship. Premarital counseling, coaching, and education helps couple’s gain a clearer relationship picture and confidence in building a shared future. Couples gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress, and strength and growth areas.

Group sessions are also an option and create deeper community connections and enhanced learning.

Components & Benefits

STABILIZE Marriage Preparation includes:

  • P/E Couple Agreement Report on 10 Key Issues

  • SCOPES Personality Profile

  • Family & Couple Mapping

  • Six 90-minute Sessions


  • Qualify for a marriage license discount

  • Work with a Prepare/Enrich Certification Trainer

  • Option to officiate your wedding

What to Expect: Marriage Preparation Course Outline

The goal is to make sure that couples have a complete toolbox so that if and when they experience marital challenges and conflict, they have a way to approach it together that will build more resilience in their relationship. STABILIZE’s Marriage Preparation focuses on 4 key phases of relationship exploration: Covenant, Shared Meaning Communication, Collaboration, and Contentment vs Comfort. Over the course of the 6 sessions, couples will: take the Prepare-Enrich inventory, learn and practice the “Straight Talk” and “Sharing Space” tools, complete a Couple & Family Map, engage in a 20-minute individual mini-session, and define next steps beyond the final session.