Couples Coaching

STABILIZE’s Couple’s Coaching is a non-therapy program using the Life Innovations’ “Enrich” inventory and six sessions for evaluation and discover of boundary and communication skills. It ensures the balance of power and builds relationships on a foundation of honesty and respect.

What to Expect: Couple’s Coaching Course Outline

The goal is for couples to feel that they have reached a tipping point and that their relationship is headed in an upward trajectory instead of a downward spiral. STABILIZE’s Couple’s Coaching focuses on these key concepts: establishing shared meaning, identifying treasure, sharing space, and trajectory vs destination. Over the course of the 6 sessions, couples will: take the Prepare-Enrich inventory, explore Building vs Finding Compatibility, learn and practice the Treasure Principle, understand the Drama Triangle, engage in a 20-minute individual mini-session, and discuss Progress vs Perfection. Homework exercises will also be assigned, for example, a date night with a targeted discussion topic.